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I LOOOOOOVE this pen!! This is my FAVORITE pen!



Yep, I heard it again today. I hear it all the time, in fact. And the lady who said that loves it when I bring her new ones.


It’s my favorite, too. Why am I telling you? What better way to keep you and your company, cause or organization “top of mind” than with something they LOVE? They’ll guard it, protect it, keep it with them wherever they go. Office mates will steal it, or try… People they loan it to won’t want to give it back. And believe me, they keep watch over it to make sure they do get it back.


So this nice woman has my pen, my contact information with her, pretty much wherever she goes. And when she needs something that’s in my wheelhouse, she is reminded that all she has to do is pull out her pen, and she’s got my number.


That’s what I do. I do my best to make sure your information is there when your people need you. And that they’re reminded of you over and over again. Whether you’re HP and someone’s looking for a printer, or you’re Home Depot and Joe Contractor needs to check inventory, or if you’re Lori, and Mary needs to make a hair appointment, your information is at the ready.


And I can do that for you. Call me, and let’s talk about your next event or project.




By the way, that pen? It’s from Sanford/Papermate. Regular catalog price at minimum quantity (200) is $2.32 ea. Specially priced at $1.48, but only through the month of October. Hurry!

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