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An ode to type…

Funny story… A friend in Hawaii referred me to a magazine about graphic design some years ago. I checked it out online and subscribed immediately – awesome magazine and website, and I have a bit of a passion for graphic design. I’m not saying I’m good at it (although I do try), I just appreciate great design. The funny part is, the magazine is based just a couple of miles from my home, and as it turns out, the owner lives around the corner from me. Recommended by a friend in Hawaii. Small world.

Probably even more than design, I appreciate typography. Great typefaces are beautiful. Which is why I’m writing this today. This magazine, Before & After magazine, sends emails every so often, and I just received one that talks about TYPE. And the power of type. Enjoyable to me, I thought I’d share it. Check it out:

Have a great week.

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