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Someone just told me that a couple of days ago, her exact words were, I Looooove THIS! As she pointed to the DOT that was on her cell phone. What’s a DOT? Forget the fact that it makes every iPad or iPhone (and some android devices) a little bit easier, or more convenient to use (and it’s kinda cool). It’s a way for YOU to put YOUR BRAND on the mobile devices of your clients and prospects. In full color. I’ve got samples if you’d like (imagine that :-)).

iwalletTHOh, something I’ve just started using – another item to attach to the cell phone, and with a bigger imprint area… It’s a silicone “pocket”. Intended for license/credit cards, I’ve been keeping a few business cards in it, and it’s CONVENIENT. Holds on tight, but still removable without leaving a bunch of goo, and surprisingly thin. Makes a great trade show giveaway or sales rep’s leave-behind. And as I said, it’s a nice size imprint area to keep your contact info close, in their pocket or purse. Need a sample? Let me know.

Lots of work on the website this weekend, too! Have a look if you’re reading this from somewhere other than the website!

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  1. Click on that little thumbnail image up there to see what I’m talking about.

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