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Could your logo be better?

About logos… I sat down to write an article on better, more effective logos, and in my research, stumbled upon this article. It says much of what I would say, so I thought, “Why not just feature the article as is?” Attribution is at the end, and

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Hot Stuff for February 2014

One of the hottest promotional products has been and continues to be the Silicone Cell Phone Pocket. Seen below with differing imprints, it’s a great way to drive traffic or to keep you top of mind. The pocket on the right shows a way you can use

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Do Promo Products Work?

Have a look at my experience this afternoon… (Sunday, 1/19/14) I’m a die-hard Samuel Adams fan. It’s the only beer I buy, and unless I’m out and the restaurant doesn’t stock Sam, it’s the only beer I drink. I even bought a case of 12 Samuel Adams

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I LOOOOOOVE this pen!! This is my FAVORITE pen!

  Yep, I heard it again today. I hear it all the time, in fact. And the lady who said that loves it when I bring her new ones.   It’s my favorite, too. Why am I telling you? What better way to keep you and your

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Ultimate Brand: Santa Claus

We encounter branding every day. You, me, we all do. When we think of household brand, we think big. Apple. Nike. Coke. Big name. Big presence. Big identity. In my humble opinion—and not just because I’m trying to score points with the big guy—Santa Claus is the

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