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Your Brand’s Color Strategy…

  Your Brand Color Strategy Do you have a brand color strategy? Let’s take a moment and explore the world of color, and take a look at these insights from branding expert Liz Goodgold, keynote speaker at a recent PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference in San Diego, California.

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Is Windows 8 ANNOYING you?

If you’re finding Windows 8 annoying, Ask Leo! I’ve gotten many tips from Leo’s free newsletter and website. Here are 3 tips to make Windows 8 less annoying, compliments of Ask Leo!

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Write seductive ad copy…

Writing ad copy now and then? All the time? Do it better with this FREE book: I found it very helpful – hope you do too!

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A word of caution buying drinkware…

It’s getting warm. Perfect time of year to give an aluminum water bottle to promote your brand or message. Careful which one you give. Take a look at this video (click the photo when you get there). What can happen is pretty obscure, but you wouldn’t want

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Confidence plays such a huge part in our lives… I saw this and thought it worth sharing. (sorry for the re-posts, not so good with html)

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An ode to type…

Funny story… A friend in Hawaii referred me to a magazine about graphic design some years ago. I checked it out online and subscribed immediately – awesome magazine and website, and I have a bit of a passion for graphic design. I’m not saying I’m good at

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Someone just told me that a couple of days ago, her exact words were, I Looooove THIS! As she pointed to the DOT that was on her cell phone. What’s a DOT? Forget the fact that it makes every iPad or iPhone (and some android devices) a

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Backpacks are universal

Men, women and kids alike use lightweight backpacks, and they have a huge imprint area for your brand or message:

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Case Study: Effective Branding using Best Quality in Category

A major, multi-national financial institution is targeting a younger consumer base. For 2013, mobile is their biggest push – getting customers to use their online mobile banking services. They’ve begun doing monthly “Digital/Mobile Days” where, as people come in, if the bank employee sees them banking on

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I’ll keep this brief…

Don’t be wordy.

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