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Retail-look t-shirts are a great way to market your business

I recently finished up a project for the Sacramento Reptile Show, held just this past weekend at the Sacramento Convention Center. These shirts are printed all over, edge to edge, front and back. It’s a unique decorating technique that can help create a promotional t-shirt that, if

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Grammar Police – 12 step program (not really)

I have to admit, I’ve been accused of being a bit of a grammar cop once or twice. I am no expert, but I do try to use proper grammar. Good speller and all that, yes… Here’s something that was forwarded to me this morning. I had

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Hynix memory fire affects more than just Apple…

No doubt you’re aware of how popular custom flash drives have become as a promotional item.  And we sell a lot of custom USB Flash Drives, the guts of which mostly of which come from Hynix and Samsung. These are “Tier 1” suppliers of memory – the

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NFL and Collegiate football making changes

Worth sharing: If you attend, or someone you know attends NFL or Collegiate football games, this is important. The NFL is making changes regarding what you can bring to a game, and colleges are likely to follow suit. In fact, some already are. Here’s an excerpt from

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Salad, or Garbage? It’s all about timing.

Years ago, a friend told me that timing can be explained as the difference between salad, and garbage. Today, that would probably be between salad and compost. But either way, timing plays a major part in any promotional product campaign. You won’t see many January promotions offering

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Kick Some GRASS

“Summertime is fun time in my book, and being that I’m on the Fun Committee at ASI (yes, we actually have one), part of my duties is making sure we take a break for fun every now and again. Take our summer lunchtime kickball league, for example.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Start planning your promotion now. Getting a late start brings with it limitations that you’d rather not have to deal with. Start now and when October 1st rolls around, you’ll be off to the races with your campaign, utilizing the awareness items of your choosing because you

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Personalized Promotional Products are most effective…

Who doesn’t like to have something with their name on it? How about their photo? What about photos of their children, or their children’s artwork? Promo items that are personalized to the recipient can be some of the most effective ways to keep your brand “top of

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Ultimate Brand: Santa Claus

We encounter branding every day. You, me, we all do. When we think of household brand, we think big. Apple. Nike. Coke. Big name. Big presence. Big identity. In my humble opinion—and not just because I’m trying to score points with the big guy—Santa Claus is the

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Forbes article on Amazon and Sales Taxes

Thought-provoking Forbes article on Sales Taxes, Amazon, and The Constitution: It caused me to think differently about the topic…     How about you? Do you agree with the author? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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